Stories of the Forgotten

Join Katie as she engages in tough conversations about homelessness and other social injustices.

My name is Katie Kepley and I recently started working for NLEC at their Springfield location called the Veteran’s Coming Home Center. I was born and raised in Springfield, Missouri. My mom remembers me saying from a very early age, “I just want to help people!” I graduated from Evangel University with a Master’s in Counseling hoping to do just that. Instead of seeking to get my license, I felt a call to ministry and am currently working towards ordination. Along with working for NLEC, I also pastor at The Well Church and have worked with recovery ministry. I am single and love to dote on my German shepherd/lab mix named Vader.
Towards the beginning of this year, I started praying about having a job in full-time ministry. I had a great paying job that I hated and knew I had to leave. My pastor had heard about an opening at VCHC and told me, in no uncertain terms, that I had to apply. I interviewed with Chris Rice and found that many of my experiences and my education could serve the ministry well. I also loved hearing about all the services that were being offered and felt this was a ministry I could be proud to serve with. When I was offered the job I jumped at the chance to be able to live out the message of Isaiah 61:1.
Every day at VCHC is a new challenge. A huge part of that is learning to extend grace to others. The more I am here at the center the more grace I realize that God has shown to me and the more grace I feel compelled to show to others. I see myself growing in grace and learning that everyone has a unique story to tell. I want to help be an advocate for those who can’t speak for themselves and to find creative ways to meet the needs of the homeless.