Chasing Down Madison Brown

Chasing Down Madison Brown is a weekly half-hour TV show hosted by Madison Brown. It’s an unpredictable travel/food/lifestyle/entertainment show with a different adventure in every episode. This series was launched from Madison’s popular blog You never know what she might be doing or where she will be going when you “Chase Madison Down.” Madison has lived an incredibly unique and adventurous life from the time she was born — her father is country music megastar Mark Miller, founder and lead singer of the band Sawyer Brown. Madison grew up traveling the country on a tour bus with her rockstar dad, each stop bringing a new adventure. Now that Madison has graduated college – and with a passion for cooking and traveling — her plan is to get back on the tour bus and criss cross the country. Another interesting note is that Madison grew up with an American icon as her uncle — Christopher Knight — AKA Peter Brady. Christopher will be making appearances on the show throughout the series.