DragonflyTV is a half-hour science education television series that meets the educational and informational objectives of the FCC’s Childrens Programming requirements for children ages 13-16.

DragonflyTV showcases our most eager young scientists in a way that encourages all kids to discover the wonders of science. It’s a new approach in science television for kids, because it features ordinary children and their own science investigations.  The programs highlight children “doing” projects with real hands-on experience and demonstrates practical applications of mathematics and science. It introduces young viewers to a variety of scientific disciplines and challenges them in critical thinking and problem solving skills, while providing valuable information to reach answers.

Whether shooting over moguls on freeride skis, getting up close and personal with alligators, or cooking up experiments in their own kitchens, the DragonflyTV kids empower viewers to explore, question, and learn.  In each episode, children tell how they pursued their own investigations, communicating the infectious excitement that comes with making their own discoveries.

“Dragonfly TV” is closed-captioned for the hearing impaired and displays the “E/I” icon throughout the broadcast.

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